Thursday Night Football Preview: Is Nick Mullens Ready for the Bright Lights?

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers is a primetime game unlike no other. The matchup will feature two teams whose records combine to (2-13), with the Raiders being (1-7) and the 49ers (1-6).  They both had high expectations before entering the season, hence why this was scheduled as a primetime game.

Many unexpected or unfortunate situations have transpired throughout the season, which has a lot of effect on why they are both so bad. San Francisco lost Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerick McKinnon both to a Torn-ACL. Oakland decided mid-season to completely change their identity towards rebuild around a roster of high-profile head coach John Gruden’s choosing.

The fact of the matter is both these teams have no shot to make the playoffs. So instead of previewing the matchup of the game in detail, it’s more noteworthy to discuss how absurd this game is to be played on primetime in front of an national audience.

To start, San Fransisco starting quarterback is Nick Mullens.

Majority of any non-49ers fans would immediately respond, “Who?????””

Mullens is not a household name by any means, he’s in his second season after being un-drafted out of Southern Miss. Mullens is playing due to the injury of C.J. Beathard. No offense to Mullens, but throwing a guy in who has never played one down in a real NFL game is extremely risky and bold.

Will Nick Mullens handle the bright lights or fail miserably?

Will John Gruden & Derek Carr finally prove their each worth the money?

We will find out tonight.



Final Score: Raiders 30- 49ers 17

MVP: Jordy Nelson (10 Rec, 88 Yds, 1 TD)


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