6 Years Later, It is Time to Bring Back the EA Sports NCAA Football Video Game Franchise

Six years ago, arguably one of the most popular sport video games of all-time was released: NCAA Football 2014.


Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 3.42.12 PM

Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was the cover of the game, which sold over a million copies. Due to legal issues, the NCAA video game franchises was shut down and another game was never released…

Now over half-a-decade later, fans of the franchise have been starving for a new game. The past six years there’s always social media posts tagging EA Sports, begging and demanding a new version of the game. The issue is the game was released only for older systems like XBOX 360 and Playstation3, so you have to dust off your old system in order to actually play the game.

This game was absolutely amazing and way before it’s time. I started playing this game my freshman year of college in my door room,and continuously still play it cause it’s such a fun game to play. The gameplay is fantastic, it’s almost like arcade-style with how you could actually juke the defender to the ground, but the integration of all the different college offensive schemes makes it a unique experience.

The ‘Dynasty Mode’ is the best feature. You can play 30+ years as a coach, and the mode is filled with a ton of cool interactive features like the “Heisman Watch”, ‘Toughest Places to Play” “Award Finalist”. You play on an ESPN broadcast with Kirk Herbstreit analyzing the game. The crowd effects when you play on the road in-front of a massive crowd because your controller literally vibrates uncontrollably on third downs.  There’s scores updates from the other games going on during that week in your franchise, and a ranking system like in real life.

The demand for a new NCAA game is unbelievable, and there needs to be a solution. If the NCAA rules that you cannot make a video game which re-create a player’s likeness since their an amateur then here’s a solution…

Create a brand-new game that features every team in the NCAA, but don’t actually re-create the real player’s on the actual team’s likeness. Just create the teams, and let the people who update the rosters on the community page do it. So then anybody is able to download it, they could then play with the “real roster” without EA Sports having to re-create the actual person. For example, in the last game in 2014, EA Sports made Johnny Manziel on Texas A&M look and play literally identical to how he played on the Aggies.

If they can do that, then EA Sports will able to make a brand new game for the new systems. They could add a ton of new features, the opportunities would be endless. The last game was still in the BCS-era, so now they could add the Playoff system, which ultimately would make the dynasty-mode even more compelling.

Re-create the stadiums and improve the fan atmosphere to make it so realistic to the point where you could actually see fans tailgating and shotgunning beers in the parking lot. Highlight the importance of recruiting by taking it to the next level, where you’re actually meeting with recruits which will make it more interactive.

At the end of the day, it’s now officially been six years, it’s time for the NCAA & EA Sports to make it happen and find a solution to give fans what they want by creating a new game.



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