How a Trade in 2016 Changed Everything for the Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans have caught the league by storm with their incredible playoff run. Despite finishing the season with the worst record of any playoff team, they’ve defeated Tom Brady & Lamar Jackson in two straight games on the road. 

The team made the switch at quarterback from Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill currently has a record of __ and finished the regular season with the highest passing rating (117.5).

Tannehill has been efficient and managed the game, but there’s no argument who the biggest impact player for this Titans playoff run.. it’s running back Derrick Henry,  the first RB in NFL Playoff history to eclipse 180 rushing yards in his first two games.

When you analyze what could have helped contribute to the Titans success… you have to take a look back at the blockbuster trade they made with the Los Angeles Rams in 2016.

Tennessee had the first overall pick in the 2016 draft and the Rams were sitting at the 15th pick, searching for a franchise QB…

The Titans traded:

First overall pick, fourth, and sixth-round selections (1st, 113th, and 177th) in the 2016 draft to Los Angeles…

In exchange for:

Los Angeles’s first-round, two second-round, and third-round selections in this year’s draft (15th, 43rd, 45th, and 76th) as well as Los Angeles’s first- and third-round selections in the 2017 NFL Draft.



The Rams selected Jared Goff and just made him one of the highest paid QB’s in NFL history. The Rams used Tennessee’s other picks (4th & 6th round) to select Pharoh Cooper (who’s on the Cardinals) and Mike Thomas (backup WR), Temarrick Hemingway .

The Titans moved back to the 15th overall pick and then made another trade with the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland traded its first and sixth-round selections (8th and 176th) to Tennessee in exchange for Tennessee’s first- and third-round selections (15th and 76th) as well as its 2017 second-round selection.

The Titans ended up move to the 8th overall pick to select their starting offensive right tackle Jack Conklin. The Browns ended up moving back to Tennessee’s 15th pick to select Corey Coleman, who ended up being released from the team. 


Cleveland ended up not doing anything significant with their other two selections they received from the Titans… The selected OT Shon Coleman with the 76th pick and with the 2017 2nd round pick they received they took QB DeShone Kizer. Coleman plays for the 49ers and Kizer is now on his second team since he was released from Cleveland.

Now the most significant part of the trade…

The Titans received two second round picks from the Rams (43rd & 45th overall) they selected DT Austin Johnson and Derrick Henry. The Titans drafted Derrick Henry because of the Jared Goff trade.


The following year…

Tennessee also received the 5th overall pick and a 3rd round from the Rams, where they selected WR Corey Davis (5th overall) and TE Jonnu Smith (3rd round). They also had another first round pick in 2017 and selected CB Adoree’ Jackson (18th overall).

Corey Davis

Trade Recap:

Titans received: Derrick Henry (Starting RB), Jack Conklin (Starting RT), Corey Davis (Starting WR), Jonnu Smith (Starting TE), Austin Johnson (Rotational DT).

Rams received: Jared Goff (Starting QB), Pharoh Cooper (Cardinals) and Mike Thomas (backup WR), Temarrick Hemingway (Carolina’s Practice Squad).

Browns Received: Corey Coleman (Giants IR), Shon Coleman (49ers IR), DeShone Kizer (Raiders 3rd String QB).

 This trade changed EVERYTHING for the Titans.


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