Updated Tracker: Top 150 XFL Players Who Could Sign an NFL Contract

The XFL has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and suspended it’s operations. On a positive note, former players of the league now have the opportunity to sign with the NFL.

The league was filled with NFL-caliber players, you can expect over a 100+ players to sign with an NFL team’s preseason 90-man roster – to compete for a spot on a 52-man roster or practice squad.

Here’s a list of a 150 players in the XFL that have the ability to make an NFL 90-man roster. Some of these players have a very great shot at making a final 52-man roster, while many will have to prove themselves again this offseason.

The majority of these players have received at least one opportunity NFL so far in their career. These players either proved themselves in the XFL or have shown enough to at least have a chance to get picked up by an NFL team.

This list is not in ranked order.. It’s mostly randomly typed out, I listed a number next to them to keep track of how many there are. This list will continuously be updated when players get signed to NFL teams. There are some players I did not include on this list that definitely still have a chance. Here’s the list..


Currently there have been 19 former XFL players that have signed an NFL contract.


1. PJ Walker (Houston Rougnecks): Signed two-year deal with the Carolina Panthers.

2. Jordan Ta’amu (St. Louis Battlehawks): Signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

3. Luis Perez (NY Guardians)

4. Josh Johnson (LA Wildcats)

5. Chad Kanoff (LA Wildcats)

6. Taylor Cornelius (Tampa Bay Vipers)

7. Tyree Jackson (DC Defenders)

8. Cardale Jones (DC Defenders)

9. Quinton Flowers (Tampa Bay Vipers)

Running backs:

10. James Butler (Houston Roughnecks)

11. Jacques Patrick (Tampa Bay Vipers): Signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. 

12. De’Veon Smith (Tampa Bay Vipers)

13. Cameron Artis-Payne (Dallas Renegades)

14. Donnel Pumphrey (DC Defenders)

15. Martez Carter (LA Wildcats)

16. Larry Rose (LA Wildcats)

17. Darius Victor (NY Guardians)

18. Justin Stockton (NY Guardians)

19. Kenneth Farrow (Seattle Dragons)

20. Christine Michael (St. Louis BattleHawks)

21. Matt Jones (St. Louis BattleHawks)

22. Keith Ford (St. Louis BattleHawks)

23. Lance Dunbar (Dallas Renegades)

24. Jhurell Pressley (DC Defenders)

25. Nick Brossette (DC Defenders)

26. Ja’Quan Gardner (Seattle Dragons)

27. Austin Walter (Dallas Renegades)

Wide Receivers:

28. Cam Phillips (Houston Roughnecks)

29. De’Mornay Pierson-El (St. Louis BattleHawks)

30. Kahlil Lewis (Houston Roughnecks)

31. Nelson Spruce (LA Wildcats)

32. Jalen Toliver (Tampa Bay Vipers)

33. Saeed Blacknall (LA Wildcats): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

34. Colby Pearson (NY Guardians)

35. Dan Williams (Tampa Bay Vipers)

36. Jordan Smallwood (LA Wildcats)

37. Nick Holley (Houston Roughnecks)

38. Tre McBride (LA Wildcats)

39. Jeff Badet (Dallas Renegades)

40. Flynn Nagel (Dallas Renegades)

41. Deandre Thompkins (DC Defenders)

42. Eli Rogers (DC Defenders)

43. Simmie Cobbs (DC Defenders)

44. Austin Proehl (Seattle Dragons)

45. L’Damian Washington (St. Louis BattleHawks)

46. Dontez Byrd (Seattle Dragons)

47. Josh Crockett (Dallas Renegades)

48. Rashad Ross (DC Defenders)

49. Mekale McKay (NY Guardians)

50. Reece Horn (Tampa Bay Vipers)

51. Alonzo Russell (St. Louis BattleHawks)

52. Keenan Reynolds (Seattle Dragons)

53. Alonzo Moore (Seattle Dragons)

54. Teo Redding (NY Guardians)

Tight Ends:

55. Donald Parham (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Los Angeles Chargers.

56. Khari Lee (DC Defenders): Signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

57. Jake Powell (NY Guardians)

58. Nick Truesdell (Tampa Bay Vipers)

59. Deandre Goolsby (Tampa Bay Vipers)

60. Marcus Lucas (St. Louis BattleHawks)

61. Brandon Barnes (LA Wildcats)

Offensive Linemen:

62. Martez Ivey (Tampa Bay Vipers)

63. Storm Norton (LA Wildcats): Signed with the Los Angeles Chargers.

64. Pace Murphy (Dallas Renegades)

65. Willie Beavers (Dallas Renegades)

66. Jarron Jones (NY Guardians): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

67. Jaelin Robinson (LA Wildcats)

68. Anthony Coyle (NY Guardians): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

69. Terry Poole (DC Defenders)

70. Avery Gennesy (Houston Roughnecks)

71. Bruno Reagan (St. Louis BattleHawks)

72. Jordan McCray (Tampa Bay Vipers)

73. Juwann Bushell-Beatty (Houston Roughnecks)

74. John Keenoy (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

75. Jerald Foster (Tampa Bay Vipers)

76. Brian Folkerts (St. Louis BattleHawks)

Defensive Linemen:

77. Andrew Ankrah (St. Louis BattleHawks)

78. Cavon Walker (NY Guardians): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

79. Tracy Sprinkle (DC Defenders)

80. Marcell Frazier (Seattle Dragons)

81. Kony Ealy (Houston Roughnecks)

82. Jacquies Smith (Tampa Bay Vipers)

83. Jay Bromley (DC Defenders)

84. Gabe Wright (Houston Roughnecks)

85. Casey Sayles (St. Louis BattleHawks)

86. Will Clarke (St. Louis BattleHawks)

87. Elijah Qualls (DC Defenders)

88. Anthony Moten (Seattle Dragons)

89. Gelen Robinson (Dallas Renegades)

90. Shane Bowman (Tampa Bay Vipers)

91. Frank Alexander (Dallas Renegades)

92. Reggie Howard (LA Wildcats)

93. Dewayne Hendrix (St. Louis BattleHawks): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

94. Will Sutton (Seattle Dragons)

95. Jarrell Owens (NY Guardians)

96. Nikita Whitlock (Tampa Bay Vipers)

97. Toby Johnson (NY Guardians)


98. DeMarquis Gates (Houston Roughnecks): Signed with Minnesota Vikings.

99. Jonathan Celestin (DC Defenders)

100. Edmond Robinson (Houston Roughnecks): Signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

101. Beniquez Brown (Houston Roughnecks)

102. Steven Johnson (Seattle Dragons)

103. Greer Martini (Dallas Renegades)

104. Ben Heeney (NY Guardians)

105. Terence Garvin (St. Louis BattleHawks)

106. Tegray Scales (Dallas Renegades)

107. Asantay Brown (Dallas Renegades)

108. Cedric Reed (LA Wildcats)

109. Garret Dooley (NY Guardians)

110. D’Juan Hines (NY Guardians)

111. Frank Ginda (NY Guardians)

112. Ray Ray Davidson (Dallas Renegades)

113. LaTroy Lewis (Houston Roughnecks)

114. Lucas Wacha (Tampa Bay Vipers)

115. Jameer Thurman (DC Defenders)


116. Deatrick Nichols (Houston Roughnecks): Signed with New Orleans Saints.

117. Jamar Summers (NY Guardians)

118. Elijah Campbell (DC Defenders)

119. Josh Hawkins (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

120. Donatello Brown (Dallas Renegades)

121. Ajene Harris (DC Defenders)

122. Jack Tocho (LA Wildcats)

123. Tarvarus McFadden (Tampa Bay Vipers)

124. Anthoula Kelly (Tampa Bay Vipers)

125. Jeremy Clark (Seattle Dragons)

126. Arrion Springs (LA Wildcats): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

127. Dravon Askew-Henry (NY Guardians): Signed with the New York Giants (2-year deal)

128. Darius Hillary (St. Louis BattleHawks)

129. Robert Nelson (St. Louis BattleHawks)

130. Harlan Miller (LA Wildcats)

131. Marko Myers (Seattle Dragons)

132. Saivion Smith (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Dallas Cowboys.


133. Kenny Robinson (St. Louis BattleHawks)

134. Derron Smith (Dallas Renegades)

135. Marcelis Branch (Tampa Bay Vipers)

136. A.J. Hendy (NY Guardians)

137. Godwin Igwebuike (Seattle Dragons)

138. Micah Hannemann (Tampa Bay Vipers)

139. Will Hill (St. Louis BattleHawks)

140. Tyree Kinnel (DC Defenders): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

141. Dexter McCoil (St. Louis BattleHawks)

142. Ahmad Dixon (LA Wildcats)

143. Rahim Moore (DC Defenders)


144. Austin MacGinnis (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

145. Taylor Russolino (St. Louis BattleHawks)

146. Matthew McCrane (NY Guardians)


147. Marquette King (St. Louis BattleHawks)

148. Hunter Niswander (DC Defenders)

Long Snappers:

149. Christian Kuntz (Dallas Renegades): Signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

150. Nick Moore (Tampa Bay Vipers): Signed with the Baltimore Ravens



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