Top 10 Revenge Games of the 2020 NFL Regular Season

The 2020 NFL Regular Season schedule has officially been released. We’re here to provide you with the Top 10 Revenge Games for the 2020 regular season, as well as some honorable mentions.

1. Odell Beckham Jr. vs. New York Giants 


This game is our No. 1 Revenge Game of the Year for a couple of different reasons. The main reason is of course, Odell Beckham Jr. return to MetLife Stadium. While it’s unclear whether or not there will be fans in attendance, one thing for sure is that this game will be MUST WATCH TV. It was only just a few years ago, when OBJ was the face of the NY Giants and NY sports, where that ended once Giants GM Dave Gettleman traded him to the Browns last offseason.

In addition to Odell going to Cleveland, the Giants included pass-rusher Oliver Vernon in the trade, meanwhile the Giants received a 1st-round pick, as well as former 1st-round safety Jabril Peppers and starting right guard Kevin Zeitler. Odell, Vernon, Peppers, and Zeitler will all play against their former team for the first time. Another player in a revenge game is Giants WR Corey Coleman, a former Cleveland 2016 first-round pick.

The last two reasons why this is the number one revenge game of the year; Baker Mayfield started a feud with the Giants organization last season, taking shots at their fan base in direct response about the Beckham trade.

“He’s here (in Cleveland) to play in front of fans who actually care, who will actually show up to every game and pack the stadium and love him for who he is.”Mayfield on reaction on Beckham trade (USA Today).

Last, but not least, the Giants new TE coach is none other than the Browns most recent former head coach; Freddie Kitchens.

2. Jimmy Garoppolo vs. New England Patriots

Jimmy G

Tom Brady has moved on to Tampa Bay, and now the new quarterback and replacement for Brady in New England is unclear. Jarrett Stidham appears to be the favorite to start, but one guy that’s quite familiar with the possibility of replacing Brady is San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

There was a lot of chatter surrounding the Patriots in the past that Bill Belichick regretted trading Jimmy G, and that it was something that he never completely wanted to do. Jimmy G might be the “one that got away” for Bill, he just came off a Super Bowl loss, and defeating Bill Belichick would be a great way to show him what he could’ve had.

3. Jason Garrett vs. Dallas Cowboys x2

Jason G

The new offensive coordinator for the New York Giants is Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. This revenge game speaks for itself.. We’ll have the pleasure of catching this twice a season, as Garrett will look to take down his former team led by new head coach Mike McCarthy.

4. Ron Rivera vs. Carolina Panthers


The same narrative for Garrett goes here for Riverboat Ron. Rivera was fired by the Panthers after taking them to a Super Bowl and having one of the best records of the past decade. It’s a new era in Washington D.C. and Rivera is looking to start it off the right way by defeating his former team led by his dominant defensive front.

5. Melvin Gordon vs. Los Angeles Chargers/Chris Harris Jr. vs. Denver Broncos:


In recent years, we’ve seen a ton of NFL contract holdouts right before the start of the regular season. There have been players that have done this very successful; using their leverage to earn a higher contract. While on the other side, there are others we’ve seen become a very ugly situation, and that’s exactly what happened with these next two revenge games…

Former 2016 first-round pick Melvin Gordon was nothing but productive his first 3 years with the Chargers, so last year while entering his final-year of his rookie contract he sat and out and it completely backfired.

Gordon did not receive anywhere near the value he expected, ultimately signing a 2-year, $18M deal with the division-rival Denver Broncos. Now, twice a season we get to see Gordon against his former team, and the same goes for All-Pro CB Chris Harris Jr. who signed with the Chargers this offseason.

6. Trent Williams vs. Washington Redskins


The Washington Redskins finally traded 7x Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams during the NFL Draft, in exchange for a 2020 5th-round pick. Williams was arguably one of the most dominant offensive tackles in the past 20 years, he earned seven-straight Pro Bowl selections and anchored an offensive line for the past decade.

Williams demanded a trade after he lost all trust he had in Washington’s medical staff, he revealed he had cancer after the staff misdiagnosing him. Washington did not accept his request for the past year, forcing him to sit out the entire 2019 season. Now Williams is the starting LT for the NFC Champs, replacing veteran OT Joe Staley, and he gets his revenge against his former team.

7. Teddy Bridgewater vs. Minnesota Vikings/New Orleans Saints


Is third time the charm? Teddy Bridgewater at age 27 now joins his third NFL team, signing a 3-year, $63 million contract with the Panthers. Almost 1/4 of his games this year will be against one of his former team, as he plays the Vikings and Saints twice.

8. Atlanta Falcons vs. Tom Brady x2


The Atlanta Falcons are still trying to get over their 28-3 blown lead in the Super Bowl vs. the New England Patriots.. One thing that sure can help cope with getting over that loss is defeating Tom Brady. Well, looks like Matty Ice and the boys will have at least two more opportunities to conquer that this season..

9. Calais Campbell vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


With the amount of star players the Jacksonville Jaguars have released the past couple of seasons since their AFC Championship loss, it’s totally not surprising that you’ll see a couple of potential revenge game lined up on the schedule.

Calais Campbell was traded this offseason to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a 2020 5th-round pick. Campbell immediately upgrades Baltimore’s much needed interior defensive attack, which got shredded for 180+ rushing yards to Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry in the AFC playoffs.

10. Joe Burrow vs. Dwayne Haskins:


This isn’t a “hateful” revenge game, the two of them are most likely good friends, but there is definitely a bit of some revenge narrative here for Joe Burrow. Before Burrow won a National Championship and Heisman Trophy award at LSU, he was the backup QB for Ohio State. He got beat out by Haskins, which ultimately was the reason why he transferred to LSU.

Like mentioned above, the two of them are probably good friends, but I’d imagine there has to be some sort of chip on Burrow’s shoulders about re-trying to prove that he’s better than Haskins. The two of them will face off in the regular season for the first time as opposite teammates.

Honorable Mentions:

Here are some honorable mentions to include because some of these games are unclear if the game could happen; due to whether a QB will be the starter or not, and while some just missed the list.

Some of these games ultimately may never happen due to a player being the backup quarterback and that he’s most likely not actually playing in the game, but still want to mention them because they would be HUGE revenge game narratives if they occurred.

Andy Dalton vs. Cincinnati Bengals:

Obviously Dak Prescott is the starter, but if something were to happen forcing Dalton to start this game, it arguably would make this one of the top revenge games of 2020. Dalton spent nine seasons as the Bengals starter, and this would face him up against his succeeder; No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow.

Jameis Winston vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers x2:

Former 2014 No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston just spent the past five years as the Bucs starting QB, and while it’s unlikely he’ll get this opportunity to face his former team, you never know.. Teddy Bridgewater did start five games for them last year due to Brees hand injury, but barring injury we might not get this one unfortunately.

Nick Foles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jaguars acquired former Super Bowl winning MVP QB Nick Foles in the 2019 offseason, and one season later they shipped him to Chicago, handing the keys over to fan-favorite Gardner Minshew. While it’s unclear if Foles will be the starter, there is definitely a good chance he could beat out Mitch Trubisky for the starter, making this revenge game very intriguing and possible.

Jurrell Casey vs. Tennessee Titans:

5x Pro Bowl DT Jurrell Casey played nine seasons for the Titans. He was traded to the Denver Broncos, in exchange for a 2020 7th-round pick. Now, Casey receives an opportunity in the first game of the season against his former squad.

Emmanuel Sanders vs. Denver Broncos & San Francisco 49ers:

Emmanuel Sanders spent six years with the Broncos, where he won Super Bowl 50. He then got traded last season during the year to the San Francisco 49ers, where he lost the Super Bowl. Now he receives the opportunity to play both of his two former teams during the regular season.

Myles Garrett vs. Pittsburgh Steelers:

No need to explain this one…

Justin Herbert vs. Miami Dolphins:

Miami Dolphins had the opportunity to select Herbert at No. 5 overall but went with Tua Tagovailoa. Perfect chance for Herbert to seek revenge on the Miami organization and prove he’s a better QB. Herbert also gets No. 1 overall-pick Joe Burrow in Week 1.




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