Deion Sanders is Joining Barstool Sports

Former NFL Hall of Fame cornerback Deion “Prime” Sanders has officially announced he has joined Barstool Sports, according to Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take.

This news comes just one day after John Ourand from Sports Business Journals reported that Sanders is leaving NFL Network. Since 2006, Prime has been an on-air NFL analyst for the NFL Network for the past 14 years. His contract with NFL Network had expired and now is moving on to join Barstool Sports.

During the Pardon My Take episode, co-host Dan “Big Cat” Katz preview during the introduction of the interview about what Sanders role at Barstool will look like.

Deion will be launching his own podcast through Barstool called, ’21st & Prime’.

He also will be contributing in several other areas for Barstool, such as covering the NFL with film breakdowns which will include former NFL players, and will appear weekly on Pardon My Take for 15-min recaps after NFL Sundays.

There’s no question, this is a major addition for Barstool Sports. Adding Prime to their team will immediately open plenty of new doors – especially when it comes to covering the NFL. Barstool has demonstrated that have strong connections with some a ton of current and former NFL players, but adding Sanders opens up a pipeline of possible new connections. The biggest reason why this is a huge success for Barstool, is that they now have the expertise from somebody who is considered one of the greatest player in NFL history, and arguably one of the greatest athletes of all-time.

This is not the first time Barstool has hired a former or current NFL player. Most notably former employee and Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, who retired from the NFL and immediately announced he is joining Barstool. Since McAfee left, they currently have at least three current or former NFL players on their roster. Former NFL offensive linemen and Barstool Breakfast co-host Willie Colon and most recently Bussin with the Boys co-hosts Taylor Lewan (Tennessee Titans left tackle), and veteran free agent linebacker Will Compton (played last year for the Raiders).

Sanders will now have the opportunity through Barstool’s platform to freely speak his mind and offer his opinion without having being restricted by a cable television network. He will be able to discuss what’s going on and off the field. This ultimately will be such a unique opportunity for listeners, most importantly the younger generation of athletes. They will receive unfiltered advice from the perspective of one a legend.

The impact of this move from Barstool Sports is quite significant, one that ultimately could start shifting the landscape in sports media. Fans are increasingly getting tired of reading filtered-out content from the same media outlets. Perhaps this could influence other former professional athletes to join smaller platforms, or start their own, because there will able where they can share their unfiltered opinion.

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