Thank You, Gronk.

Whether you hate or love the New England Patriots… You do not hate Robert James Gronkowski. If you do hate “Gronk” as an actual person then I really don’t know what to tell you… (you’re among a very-limited number of people because there isn’t any reason to have anything against him as a person).

Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL:

There never will be another player like Gronk. You could argument about his stats and compare to other tight ends, but Gronk changed the game. 

On the field, he was a 5x Pro Bowler & 3x Super Bowl Champ. He was a cheat-code. A matchup nightmare. And Tom Brady’s favorite weapon in the red-zone.

He’s only 29 years-old and already arguably could go down as the most dominant TE of all-time. While Gronk’s play on the field when healthy has been legendary, he changed the game in a way nobody in this generation has ever done by doing it off the field.

Gronk changed the game by reminding everyone that even though football is perceived as this real serious and tense game the entire time; at the end of the day the goal is to win and have fun doing it. If you are not having fun while playing professional sports, then you should simply not be playing it because you are wasting your own time.

Gronk showed everybody that you can have fun and win. Gronk has that fun-loving and energetic personality that draws people in. Every time he enters the room he lights it up, and not just by being the biggest dude in there, but because of his humorous personality.

Gronk is a real one. You don’t see that much anymore. He played for an organization that doesn’t stand for any bullshit. Why the Patriots may have allowed Gronk to fool around is because they know that he is just being himself.

He has been the same guy his entire career and from what they have show in his past his entire life. The dude just wants to have fun and play football. On the field he’s all business: he shows up every year in great-shape ready to win, so why should anybody tell him how should he live his life?

No matter how many times Gronk has been injured throughout his career, the guy just keeps coming back with a huge grin always on his face.He does not need to play football anymore. This was a smart decision that we’re all sad to admit.

Gronk is bigger than football. This guy would come back from a concussion, with a giant brace around his entire forearm/arm, and still would catch a TD between two guys and then famously spike it afterwards.

Gronk is a legend and arguably the most likable athlete of this generation. The opportunities following the NFL are endless. It’s nice to see an athlete like Gronk go out on his own terms before he even turns 30, and reportedly has not spent a penny of his actual game-checks (only endorsements), a.k.a. a very-smart man.

He proved that you ultimately could shotgun beers, throw your own private cruise party, appear on basically every magazine cover, TV show, commercial, and still have enough time to win three Super Bowls.

We are all going to miss Gronk in the NFL. When the Patriots dynasty era eventually is concluded; we will all look back and appreciate his greatness as an athlete and how he was an even better person.

Thank you Gronk for everything it’s been truly an honor to watch your entire career. Best of luck with future endeavors looking forward to them!


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