2019 NFL Draft QB Preview

Tier 1: Impactful Starters:

  1. Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State)
  2. Drew Lock (Missouri)
  3. Kyler Murray (Oklahoma)


Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Kyler Murray are three completely different types of quarterbacks, but they each have the right intangibles to be impactful starters in this league. Haskins & Murray are both “One-Year Wonders”, each bursting onto the scene and taking over College Football, while Lock was a 3-year starter.

Haskins, will no doubt be a very-solid QB in the NFL for many years. He looks and plays way bigger than his actual size, he has a massive arm. He’s also exceptional at manipulating defenses with his eyes and can fit the ball into a tight window better than anybody in the class.

Lock, has sneaky athleticism and reminds me a bit of Jared Goff. He more than capable of making all the throws on all three-levels. He absolutely could consistently light up the scoreboard in the NFL, and has all the tools to really succeed if he’s under the right system.

Murray, has scary athletic traits and is a proven elite playmaker. He demonstrates all the tools to make an impact in the league, but I question how he will handle himself with poor pass protection. His offensive line was the most talented in the country, he’s obviously well-below the standard size of an NFL QB. You will win games under Murray, but I’m not sure if you’ll win championships.

Tier 2: Borderline Starters/Backup

  1. Jarrett Stidham (Auburn)
  2. Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)
  3. Will Grier (West Virginia)
  4. Daniel Jones (Duke)

Everyone is sleeping on Jarrett Stidham & Tyree Jackson. My bold prediction is at least one of them will be the biggest sleeper of the entire NFL Draft.

Grier has the right gunslinger-type mentality and definitely has a decent shot at becoming an NFL starter.

Jones does not have the talent of a 1st-round pick. He is well-coached and demonstrates clean mechanics & delivery, but does not offer the arm strength of a 1st-round caliber QB.

Tier 3: Developmental

  1. Easton Stick (North Dakota State)
  2. Clayton Thorson (Northwestern)
  3. Ryan Finley (NC State)
  4. Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State)
  5. Manny Wilkins (Arizona State)
  6. Brett Rypien (Boise State)

Stick and Wilkins are the top deep-sleepers among QB prospects.

Thorson and Finley both have the tools to have a long-lasting career as a backup. Rypien, could be the wild-card of the group.

Nick Fitzgerald is exactly like the New Orleans Saints versatile QB Taysom Hill, and could be a huge weapon for a team already with a proven but slower QB.


Best Career:

Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State)

Most Pro-Ready:

Drew Lock (Missouri)

Best Prospect Right Now:

Kyler Murray (Oklahoma)

Most Upside:

Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)

Least Upside:

Gardner Minshew (Washington State)

Most Undervalued:

Jarrett Stidham (Auburn)

Most Overvalued:

Daniel Jones (Duke)


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