Antonio Brown Era is Over in Oakland.. Before It Ever Started

Wow. The roller coaster ride is finally over. Antonio Brown’s career in Oakland has ended after 182 days.

Let’s take a look back at the memorable journey of Antonio Brown’s career with the Raiders.

AB Raiders


March 13: Raiders officially sign Antonio Brown.

August 3: Post Instagram of his frostbitten feet due to not wearing proper footwear during a cryotherapy session. This forced him to miss 10 out of 11 training camp practices with the Raiders.

August 9: Filed a grievance to continue wearing his old helmet even though it was banned, and then threatening to retire from football if he was forced to wear a new helmet.

August 19: Filed a second grievance and then started finding ways to wear his old helmet again.

September 4: Fined $54,000 by GM Mike Mayock for unexcused absences and missing two team practice sessions.

September 5: Brown confronted Mayock and had a verbal altercation. They bench him for week one

September 6: Apologizes to team, then say he now can play week one. Later, posts a YouTube video of a recorded conversation with Jon Gruden (without his consent).

September 7: Raiders release Antonio Brown.

So now that Antonio Brown has officially been released what happens now?

The fact of the matter is this man is a 7x Pro Bowler, 4x All-Pro.. he is one of the greatest talents of this generation. Every team in the NFL would add him on their team- if they only focused on his talent…

Who would actually want to sign this guy?! Like seriously, how is there anybody that actually thinks this guy won’t in any way disrupt your team’s chemistry in the locker room.

We can debate whether his talent is worth the risk of losing the chemistry in the locker room, but it’s just simply not worth it. In Pittsburgh, he got in several public arguments with pretty much all of his former teammates and coaches.

The man takes no accountability for any of his actions. He ALWAYS plays the victim. Everything is so DRAMATIC. He’s addicted to social media. He’s addicted to the spotlight. Everything is about him. He could say all he wants how he hates the spotlight but he LOVES it. When you record a private conversation with your coach and upload it onto YouTube turning it into a hype-video for himself… that’s when you know he absolutely loves the attention.

I really hope Antonio Brown gets another shot because a Hollywood script could not even come up with this type of drama. Totally would not be surprised if John Dorsey gives him a call to join Odell & Landry in Cleveland, presenting him the opportunity to face Pittsburgh twice a year. But for now, AB’s career in Oakland has ended, before it has ever started, we shall see if his career in the NFL continues..


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