It’s Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Jameis Winston

Tonight’s TNF matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicks off the start of NFL Week 2. Tonight’s NFC South matchup is between two former Heisman Trophy winning QB’s: Cam Newton and Jameis Winston

Last week, Winston played such a terrible game in their season-opening loss against the San Francisco 49ers. He threw 3 interceptions, which 2 of those were returned for a touchdown.

Tonight is Jameis Winston’s 56th career start as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. So far in his career, he’s thrown 61 career interceptions, lost 40 fumbles, with just 89 touchdown passes.

Now, lets put into perspective on how bad that really is…

Aaron Rodgers has thrown 339 TDs with 80 INTs. Which means Rodgers has thrown 250 more TD’s than Winston… with just only 19 more interceptions

Russell Wilson has started twice the amount of games than Winston, and he’s only thrown 2 more interceptions than Winston.. with 109 more passing touchdowns.

Derek Carr has started 24 more games than Winston, but still has 7 less interceptions and 34 more passing touchdowns.

Winston has started 6 more career games than Dak Prescott, but Prescott has thrown 36 less interceptions and is only trailing by 19 passing touchdowns.

Marcus Mariota was the next selection after Winston in the 2014 draft. By no means has Mariota been impressive but he still has 19 less interceptions than Winston with the same amount of starts.

He’s definitely not a dual-threat QB either…

Cam Newton has 58 career rushing touchdowns. Winston only has 3 rushing TD’s since 2015 (which was his rookie season). Newton’s first two seasons he had 704 and 741 rushing yards, Winston only has 807 in his career.

Last season, Dak Prescott had twice the amount of rushing touchdowns (6) than Winston has since 2015 (3).

It’s Officially Put Up or Shut Up Time for Jameis:

So now, the question is how much longer will Tampa Bay stick with Winston?

Winston is an unrestricted free agent after the season. So if the Bucs decide to move on from him, they won’t have to worry about cutting their losses and having to still pay him.

Winston simply has not shown demonstrated that he’s worthy enough to be paid a large guaranteed contract. There is legitimately nothing that he’s shown that proves he’s capable and trustworthy to be a franchise QB.

The worst part, is this whole article has only focused on his play on the field. When it comes to off the field- it’s even worse!! Whether he is stealing crabs, sexually violating Uber drivers, or licking his fingers in a shape of a W.. you really never know what you’re going to get out of him.

Winston claims “he’s a changed person”. Honestly who knows maybe he is and I really hope he is, but it still doesn’t change the fact… He hasn’t shown any signs of being a trusted leader which definitely doesn’t help his extremely below-average play on the field.

Jameis Winston by no means is the worst quarterback in the NFL or the “biggest bust ever”, but the fact of the matter is Winston’s a major disappointment for what Tampa Bay invested in him.

Jameis is on his last stand and needs to start proving tonight that he’s a capable starting quarterback. A quarterback that they can trust and not hurt his team with more game-deciding turnovers.


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