The NFL’s Highest Paid WR Michael Thomas is Worth Every Single Penny

New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas currently is on pace to have one of the greatest seasons ever for a wide receiver.

Currently, through 10 games, Thomas has 94 receptions (9.4 per game), 1,141 receiving yards (114.1 per game), 5 TD.

Thomas leads the NFL in total receptions by 19, yards by 143, and has the highest catch % for a WR. Through the past 6 games, he’s recorded at least 8 receptions per game.

In the midst of his fourth-season, Michael Thomas at just 26 years-old is already proving that he has all the potential of becoming one of the greatest receivers of all-time.

His previous three seasons he totaled 321 receptions, setting the record for most receptions through their first three NFL seasons.

Despite earning two straight Pro Bowl selections and setting the Saints franchise record last season in receptions (125) & receiving yards (1,405), Thomas is on track to have his career-best & one of the best seasons ever for an NFL WR.

Former Indianapolis Colts Hall of Fame WR Marvin Harrison holds the single season reception record with 143 (2002). Thomas would need to average 8.2 receptions per game for the next 6 games, he’s currently averaging 9.2 rec.

This past offseason, the Saints decided to show him his worth to their organization. He signed a well-deserving five-year, $100M contract extension with $61M guaranteed; making him the highest paid WR and first non-QB/offensive player to ever sign a $100M contract in NFL history.

One thing a lot of us love to debate when it comes to the WR position is: Who’s the NFL’s Best WR or Top 5 WR’s?

The answer to this question in the past typically in differentiated based on what type of WR you’d prefer or how impressive their recent statistics were.

In my opinion, when it comes to who right now is the best, all-around WR in the NFL there’s no debate: It’s Michael Thomas.

If you were to construct a “perfect WR” it would end up being Michael Thomas. He has a tremendous body frame, very athletic, excellent off the press, runs incredible routes, incredible hands, ability to create separates from CB’s, etc.

This guy literally checks off every single box, but what impresses me most about him is how he  consistently produces at the highest level EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.

He shows up ready to dominate your best CB and has never demonstrated any sort of off-field, distracting, or controversial issues.

After he was passed on and selected in the late 2nd-round in 2016, he still continues to play with that same chip on his shoulder to prove that he’s the best, despite being the highest paid WR of all-time.

Michael Thomas continues to prove every single week that he’s the best WR in the game and if you happen to disagree; there’s one thing you can’t agree: YOU CAN’T GUARD MIKE






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