The Baltimore Ravens Are Building Something Great

The Baltimore Ravens for the past 20 years typically have always been known for their defense. They’ve built their team around an incredible defense featuring legendary players such as; Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata.

In 2012, when Joe Flacco led the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory over Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers (which is crazy to think that happened almost eight years ago).

Ever since their Super Bowl victory, they’ve been searching to regain prominence, despite being led by a tremendous coaching staff under HC John Harbaugh, a solid offensive line.. The issue was their passing game was inefficient and dreadful to watch under Flacco.

In 2018, their former GM Ozzie Newsome was set to retire. He always knew how to build a winning and championship caliber-roster, and in his last final draft he wanted to end on a high-note; to ultimately set the team up for future success.

So, he started his final draft in the first round by selecting TE Hayden Hurst, (who Sports Illustrated graded as their “best pick”).. but Ozzie Newsome’s next three picks was where he struck gold.

With the final pick of the 1st round, Newsome traded up to select..

QB Lamar Jackson: It was unbelievable to see a player as talented as Lamar fall to the last pick of the first round. Lamar may have been the sixth QB selected in the 2018 draft, but it only took one team to believe in him. He’s arguably been the biggest and best story of this NFL season and is considered one of the favorites right now for MVP.

In Round 3, Newsome follows that up by selecting..

OT Orlando Brown: Brown clearly was a dominant force at Oklahoma. He was considered to be a first-round and pretty much a Top-10 lock. Brown fell to the Ravens after his draft stock plummeted following a terrible combine performance. Brown immediately made every NFL team’s regret overlooking him as he became their starting right tackle Week 1 of his rookie year.

Mark Andrews: At just 23 years old, Andrews is already proving he’s one of most talented TE’s in the NFL. Andrews has 6 receiving touchdowns so far this season and has built some incredible chemistry with Lamar.

This year, their new GM Eric DeCosta picked up right where Newsome left off; by adding another extremely talented playmaker in the first round.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown: Brown joined former college teammates Orlando Brown & Mark Andrews to create an incredible core to build on. Brown is one of the more electrifying WR’s to ever enter the NFL. Hollywood has rare speed and athleticism and always been a huge upgrade for their offense.

In just two years, the Ravens have created an outstanding core on offense through the draft. Whether this team wins a championship this year will be determined, but one thing is for sure.. the Baltimore Ravens are building something great.


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